Croydon Translation Service

“Translation is to replace one written language with another, without changing the meaning, mutual understanding.”Jaime Guilet

Welcome to CTS

“Untainted account”

Croydon Translation Services based in Croydon, London comprises of professional translators and interpreters. We look after and support clients, all the way from short-term one off activities to completion of long-term projects. Our goal is to provide logical and accurate translation, as well as interpretation services to all our clients. We enable our clients to convey accurate information in any given situation.

What makes us different?

Accurate interpretation based on experience and expertise: find out more about the principles that guide our work at CTS

Our services

Interpreting and translating from Kurdish, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi to English and vice versa. We offer comprehensive, personalised services in every circumstance. CTS have a commitment to high professional standards and the provision of high quality, value added services to their clients.